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Subscriber Maintenance

Subscriber has to submit a written request in the format prescribed by CRA, to the concerned NL-CC who in turn has to submit the same after verification to the concerned NL-AO. NL-AO can make the electronic request for the change requested through NPS-Lite website.

NL-AO can update the following requests of the Subscribers through NPS-Lite system: -

  • Change in Personal details including Bank details.
  • Change in Nomination details
  • Withdrawal request

NL-AO can also generate and print Statement of Transaction of a Subscriber associated with it.

NL-AO shall be responsible for updating Subscribers request in NPS-Lite system (except change in signature and photograph). NL-AO shall on receipt of written request of Subscriber from the NL-CC, capture the request in NPS-Lite by using the User ID and I-PIN. For change in signature and photograph, NL-AO has to forward the request to the CRA-FC

NL-AO has to retain the change request forms for its record purpose and should not forward the forms to CRA. CRA will act only on the basis of the electronic request received from the NL-AO.

NL-AO shall verify the following before making an electronic request for updating Subscriber's details:

  • PRAN provided by the Subscriber is valid (Active)
  • PRAN (Subscriber) is associated with the NL-AO
  • Request form is completely filled by the Subscriber
  • Request form is duly signed by the Subscriber
  • Request form is duly verified and signed by the NL-CC of the Subscriber
  • Request form is filled as per the instructions given in the form.

Changes in Personal details can be carried out by single user without further authorisation. However, changes in core data i.e. data printed on the PRAN card has to be carried out by maker-authoriser system. All the other updation requests shall be carried out by maker-authoriser system.

Maker-Authoriser requires that the request is to be captured by one officer using a User ID and I-PIN and the authorisation of the same shall be done by another officer using another User ID and I-PIN. The NL-AO shall identity two different officers to carry out the Maker and Checker activity. In NPS-Lite, certain type of request shall require only a Maker activity whereas certain type of request shall require both Maker and Authoriser activity.

Subscriber has to submit the change request as per prescribed format to the NL-CC with whom he/she is associated. After verification and authorisation of the request, NL-CC has to consolidate all such requests and forward it to the concerned NL-AO. NL-AO has to verify, authorise and submit the request to the CRA/CRA-FC. On upload of the request by CRA-FC, new signature and/or photograph will be updated in the CRA system. CRA shall print a new PRAN card and dispatch it to NL-AO who forwards it to the NL-CC for onward distribution to Subscriber.

Steps in the Process of upload of Subscriber contribution files:

  • Consolidation of NL-CC wise Subscriber contribution records.
  • Digitization of records through FPU or own back office.
  • Validation of the contribution file using File Validation Utility (FVU)
  • Upload of contribution file in the NPS-Lite by NL-AO.
  • Transfer of funds to the Trustee Bank along with Contribution Submission form (CSF)