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NL-AO can raise a grievance through the NPS-Lite website www.cra-npslite.com with its User ID and I-PIN. NL-AO can raise the grievance only through the above-mentioned modes. CRA shall not take cognizance of grievance raised through any other modes such as submitting physical letter etc.

Entity raising the grievance needs to provide the details with respect to its Entity ID, nature of the grievance, whether grievance is raised first time or is a reminder etc. Some of these details will be mandatory in nature.

NL-AO can raise grievance with respect to the following:

Grievance against CRA:

  • PRAN allotted but cards not received
  • PRAN not allotted /partially allotted
  • Withdrawal amount not received

The NL-AO can raise the following grievances against CRA on behalf of the Subscriber:

  • Incorrect PRAN account details on registration – (Personal/Employment/Nomination Scheme setup)
  • Statement of Transaction not received.
  • Change in signature/photograph request not updated

On receipt of the grievance, CRA shall issue a Token number as acknowledgement. If grievance is logged through CRA website, the token number will be displayed on the screen on successful submission of grievance. The details of the token number will also be intimated by CRA at the email address of the NL-AO.

The aggregators can check the status of the grievance by logging to the NPS-Lite website or through the call center by using token number. On resolution of the grievance, CRA shall send an email to the NL-AO containing the details of resolution.

NL-AO can login to CRA website using the I-PIN and check the details of the grievances raised against it by the Subscribers. NL-AO shall resolve the grievance and mention the action taken in the resolution field provided for this purpose.CRA shall send the resolution remark of the NL-AO to the Subscriber who has raised the grievance.

If a grievance is not resolved within a certain defined period then the same will get escalated to next level for resolution and will follow the similar procedure of assignment and resolution as described for the first level.

The process of viewing the Grievance status is as follows:-

  • User will select the “View Status” screen after login in or select “the limited access view” on the NPS-Lite system.
  • User will provide either the token number of grievance or date range (from-date and to-date) to check the status. For limited access view, the user will need to provide both the token number and the Entity Id on whose behalf the grievance is raised.
  • The system will display all grievances with status and grievance logged date.
  • The user will select the grievance from the displayed list.
  • The system will display the status of the grievance along with the details. For the resolved grievance, resolution details will also be shown.

Ombudsman is a person appointed by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA). PFRDA may appoint one or more Ombudsmen for different territorial jurisdiction.

Ombudsman’s important role is to receive, consider and facilitate resolution of complaints or grievances which fall within the ambit of PFRDA (Redressal of Subscriber Grievance) Regulations, 2015 (hereinafter referred as ‘the regulations’).

At present there is only one Ombudsmen appointed by PFRDA. Shri Vinod Kumar Pande is appointed as Ombudsman by PFRDA. The details of the ombudsman are as follows.


Shri Vinod Kumar Pande
C/o Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority,
Plot No-14/A, Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhawan, Qutab Instititional Area,
New Delhi-110016
The details of Ombudsman appointed are also available on PFRDA website – www.pfrda.org.in.

An appeal can be filed with the Ombudsman under the regulations -

(a) by a complainant whose grievance has not been resolved within thirty days from the escalation of the grievance to National Pension System Trust

(b) by a complainant, where a complaint has been made directly against the National Pension System Trust and no other intermediary and the same remains unresolved within the specified period of thirty days(a) by a complainant whose grievance has not been resolved within thirty days from the escalation of the grievance to National Pension System Trust

The appeal shall be in writing, duly signed by the complainant or his authorised representative (not being a legal practitioner) in the form as specified the regulations and supported by documents, if any.

The Ombudsman may dismiss an appeal when such appeal is frivolous in his opinion or if the appeal is not adhering to the conditions specified in the regulations.

For more details, PFRDA (Redressal of Subscriber Grievance) Regulations, 2015 can be referred under the menu ‘Regulations’ on PFRDA’s website www.pfrda.org.in